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Thread: Strike One!

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    What they are doing is not messing with our freedom but it is Securing.
    BAH! oh sure, right on man! Thats what Hitler said to my grandmother's generation before he destoried their lives and tarished the German name forever. There are just too many cons instead of pros to make this work for the common good of us Americans!

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    I would like to look at this from both sides and point of views.

    So lets look at it:

    On one end we have the FBI being able to pry into our online lives at there very whim (one must remember just cause you work for a government agency doesn't mean you are good) and do whatever there bidding. Hurting individuals just trying to learn about computing maybe alittle illegal porn or whatever.

    The other end we have a government appointed judge saying that the ISP's do not have to give up information to the FBI (unless they see it as a threat). This means that people are able to do as they please as long as they know that they may have to deal with the ISP.

    **Sure we are probably not really all the private anyway but at least we like to think so**

    I am thinking I kinda wanna keep my privacy. I don't know about the rest of ya!

    - MilitantEidolon
    Yeah thats right........I said It!

    Ultimately everyone will have their own opinion--this is mine.

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