OK, the night before last, I was at the book store looking for a book on Linux / UNIX. I was not satisfied with what the store had because I knew all of it in the books. So I decided to say the hell with it and have my Mom order it with a credit card and I would pay her in cash.

I went to http://store.slackware.com

I ordered a Slackware Tshirt, a Slackware pin, the Complete Slackware CD ROMs and both the Slackware essentials book, and the Linux omplete reference book.

Well, here it is a day later, and my order just got here a few minutes ago. I paid extra for the overnight delivery because I have the patience of a Rattle snake. I'm very happy with it. Thwe books are VERY nice, and the pin, it rocks, and so does my new shirt. The Slackware CDs came in a VERY nice plastic CD casing with the Slackware logo. VERY awesome. I'll make a post on the books after I get into them.

I'm posting this in OSs, because well, it's all Slackware and has nothing to do with security.