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OS/2 isn't even an OS, it's a bastard child that IBM gave birth too with Microsoft because no one had the balls to hand them a coat hangor.
Man, you should go out (of linux) more frequently. :P
OS/2 is an amazing O.S. In fact some HSM still use it instead a Unix flavor.
IT world didnt start when Unix was born. It started far earlier. And some of that T-Rex O.S. are still present nowadays.

However i agree with you about Linux. Its just another "flavor". It was written (copied) from scratch, but it stills use Unix ideas and concept about kernel construction. So, Linux is a *nix.

Although i've read those considerations about xenix (as far i know xenix WAS a Unix flavor), I cant see those structures on Windows NT (and beyond). Can someone list that "similarities" from Windows to *nix? I would like to have those references...