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    Actually, going back to the orginal posted question, there were reports from MessageLabs of several versions of Netsky and Bagle that had code that could be used to alter/destroy your Bios, yet was not enabled (or didnt operate correctly).

    Fdisk /MBR works everytime

    Princesheril: Yeah... I will send a attachment via email you need to open... ok?
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    I believe that the "Magistr" virus also trashed the BIOS in some instances.

    Once you have your problem sorted out I would suggest you check your BIOS and see if it supports MBR protection. If it does I would turn it on.

    You sound as if you do not have a firewall? you should get one. The logs should show you if you are getting a bot attack.

    If you use cable to connect to the internet, you should consider contacting your ISP and getting your IP address changed.

    just a few thoughts

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    somehow erase ur MBR and recreate it using any tool like fdisk.. Generally the viruses targetting MBR exhibit the behaviour of the system as told by u

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    I do not have a static IP address so i reckon i should ring my ISP and get it changed but i was thinking that it couldnt be a bot as when i re formated C: and installed the O/S the virus was reckognised again as soon as i installed norton. This is why i think it has to be a virus in the BIOS. Im at college at the moment but as soon as i get home i will try fdisk MBR and see what happens. Also BAGLE rings a bell, i swear that this was one of the virus's that i have deleted ijn the past.

    one more thing, i do have a firewall! two of them!
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