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Thread: Security Firm Justifies Virus Writer's Job

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    Security Firm Justifies Virus Writer's Job

    I was woundering how everyone feels about this article;


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    If I was a client I'd be concerned about the potential ethics issue. Then again, I also believe in 2nd chances. We'll have to wait and see really. Perhaps this might work. It's interesting that he's going under as an "apprentice". This will probably mean someone will be watching and reviewing his code regularly, until trust is earned I guess (that's all hypothesis on my part).
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    Good reading...

    I don't see any problem with him working for AV companies. He obviously has an advantage over those geek MSCE certified types (Who know nothing other then the curiculm that their companies give 'em), he'll be able to take into account both sides of AV coding. Also the article on CSS spam on that ZDnet page is good reading also...
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    What I think is funny and sad at the same time is the fact that this company had to justify who they hired to the public. Does the US government justify who they hire in to the NSA, or FBI, or any other 3 letter organization? The people in those groups actively hack computers(of super villians...). They are 100 times more adept than this kid, and 100 times more dangerous.
    I say bravo for hiring this kid, it's a good move.
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    Look to Governments and private corporations around the world and you'll find that they all utilize "personnel" of this type regardless of the taboo associated with it. This is not a new practice and likely will continue forever.
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