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Thread: MP3 Viruses?

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    I'm sure someone is trying.......
    There were a couple of virus' that messed with mp3 files. Copied them to root of C:\

    VBS.Annod.B - copied itself to an mp3 file (like_a_virgin.mp3 & don't_cry_for_me_argentina.mp3) (info courtesy of Symantec)

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    Thanks everyone, espescially TS for all the info. Basically, the infected executable file(s) can be converted to .mp3 for example and then when I open it I'm scr3wed. Thanks everyone!

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    There is also the following information: (which relies on a bug in older versions of winamp)
    It is possible to modify an existing MP3 file in such a way that it can carry a virus. The virus is activated when the MP3 file is played in Winamp and can then infect other MP3 files found on hard drives or network shares. In order to protect yourself you need to upgrade to Winamp 2.80 or disable the minibrowser.
    I haven't ever seen this used in the wild

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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    wasn't there a problem with Windows media WMA files.(suprise suprise). and this could be carried across to MP3 when the ´nfected" WMA was converted to MP3.. could have been a proof of concept or just a vulnerability report.. I can't find the info just now..
    As you probably know a WMA file can contain "Active content" meaning it can contain javascript, vbscript etc. If you rename said WMA file to MP3 Windows Media Player will happily play it, including the active content.

    What the hell were they thinking?
    Hey, I know a cool feature. Let's put active content in otherwise benign media formats
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