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Thread: downloading prob.

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    downloading prob.

    I face trouble when downloading any file from the net. The server providing me has got some sort of SURF CONTROL s/w in it. Even "save target as" won't work.

    The details of my server is :

    Windows IP Configuration

    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : upes.ac.in
    IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

    Please suggest a way to do this.

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    it would be more clear if you provide more details.

    like, how do you connect to the internet?

    what's is the error when attempting to download a file?
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    Are you in a school or college/university ? If they denied access to donwloading file then don't mess with it !
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    yeah give us the exact error message when you attempt to dl. also you said no save as? could this be an issue as to user rights and permissions. Are you logged into the server as admin, user, or guest?

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    requested more informarion

    yes, i ues internet at my college , University of petroleum & energy studies

    i'am sending the appearance of screen just when i went downloading spyhunter from one of download.com's server.

    is there any chance to download?
    plz. reply.

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    Re: downloading prob.

    Originally posted here by princesheril
    I face trouble when downloading any file from the net. The server providing me has got some sort of SURF CONTROL s/w in it.

    yes, i ues internet at my college , University of petroleum & energy studies
    Don't try and circumvent their security. It's there for a reason. Trying to break their security will get you expelled.
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    Arrow I Totally Agree With SirDice ...

    especially the sentiment!

    princesheril - You can not expect the AntiOnline community to tell you how to go and get yourself in to trouble / expelled!

    Have you read the AntiOnline home page that tells you what AntiOnline is and is not? I recommend you go there right now to read, digest, and then contemplate.

    I'm sure you'll ignore me. Hey, that's your perogative. At least I've got that off my chest!
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    princesheril :

    Ok, the above is good avice, and I would suggest you listen to it. Surf Control is a Browser add on to adjust user rights, and restrictions. It has been installed on your system for a reason, and I bet if you read your Uni's Acceptable use policy, you'll find that they have rules against saving files locally.
    Of course, if the file you are trying to download and save is work/school related, and in some way helps with a course you are taking, maybe the straightforward ASK your ADMINISTRATOR for help with it might be useful.

    In closing, I might want to add that posting direct information about your IP, your configuration, and other items to any forum is less then a good idea and I would STRONGLY suggest against it. While the info you posted is not a hge amount of unknown information, it is enough to get someone started in hacking or exploiting you. If you need to reveal information like that, it is best done in a private message (to someone that cares or wants to help you with a problem), and not in public forums. Just a good rule of thumb.

    PLEASE READ the AO FAQ, ok?
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    well i agr33 with simon ,but this semms to be intresting,the software appears to block port 23 ( ftp port) ,then it should also stoop the up loads too, isn't it prince sheril , if port 23 is blocked then upload and downloads shold not tale place ,isn't it could plz confirm this fact .

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    princesheril, why don't you do school work at school and do surfing/goofing off at home (after you have finished your reading assignments!).

    that is the key to a happy and fruitful life. :-)

    *hey, weren't you the one who asked in another thread for a nasty virus so you can send to someone? yes, it was you! you made me laugh! what is wrong with you?*
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