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Thread: Tracers.

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    Hi all,

    I'm in my final year at uni and for my project I would like to write a basic tracer programme (as basic as it can be). This is with the intention that I could then visualise the path the data takes to travel between the 2 campus's via a OS map, (hopefully if the uni will give me the information I need).


    I'm not amazing at programming, i can hold my own with a bit of effort but have only really programmed in pascal, so I was looking for some tutorials on how this could be done but cannot find any, or some source code to have a look at.
    Does any one know where I could find these?

    Also can a tracer programe be ran via a web page?

    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated as im struggling.


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    What exactly will you be tracing?

    Do you mean a network trace like traceroute?

    If so, take a look at any of the Open Source OSs. Ping and traceroute are the commands you'll need. Most of it is written in C though.

    Here's the source from FreeBSD:


    Have a look at http://www.samspade.org for a webinterface to traceroute.
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    if you port the code to java then yes it can be run on a webpage. www.maththinking.com/boat/ will give you a bunch of resources on writing code. Online books that is.
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