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Thread: Where to start?

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    wants help

    hi ms mittens
    i am beginner in hacking world and want to know some basic info. regarding it.i have searched all types of sites but all seems to me like castles in air.i am confused.please suggest something

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    Post move from unrelated thread to new thread. Please start new threads if you are discussing an entirely different topic.

    You're asking a really broad question. And teaching someone to be curious is really hard to do. What is it specifically you want to do? Find a point to start at, say learning how to detect attacks or learn what attacks exist and go from there.
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    This is just some stuff right off the top of my head..

    Step one: Find a field (of computing) that has your interest..
    Step two: Learn all there is about that subject..
    Step three: Educate others.. And perhaps learn even more (stuff you havn't even thought about) thrue the interraction with others..
    Step four: Start again from step one..
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    if you want to learn hacking check this page out, it contains some articles written by a proffessional hacker :


    have fun
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    I might suggest you start with your own PC, and learn everything you can about it. From the Operating System, to applications, right down to the hardware and how it all works together to put these webpages on your screen.

    Jinx is right. You need to decide what your first step is going to be, and learn all you can on that one subject, and then repeat the process.

    This subject is so very vast, it is hard to describe (and I guess from a new persons point of view) or imagine. One of the biggest keys to all of this is to be able to visualize how things inact, and depend on each other.

    Maybe one of the first and best things you can do is talk to someone else with the same interests and pick a topic to explore.

    Sigh, doing a lousy job of expressing myself today, but I hope you get the idea.
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    This is the best site you could ever check out:


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    hey shaleen,
    buddy it is no that difficult to learn anything but one thing that really takes up your time sometime is your field of interest. It's like you are interested in field of hacking but to go fo rwhat you will really like down the road depends a lot about your interest. My advice is get a PC and a few books on networking,OS, programming or even searching for these topics here will do. then try your hand on each of them for some time, it will give you fair idea of what you will enjoy and then move up from there. In beginning try little of these things because these things are in some way or other interconnected.
    That's wha i learnt from my stay here and one more thing be patient. Good things take commitment and persistence.
    Hope i got it right(this time :-)
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    Hey shaleen,
    The only thing which will let u to ur goal is curiosity. Read whatever u get on computers. Select a particular domain which is of ur interest. e.g. networks, scripts, communications, Operating Systems and things like that and than take a book and make it a point that u don't leave it before u complete it.

    Slowly and slowly u will start understanding how things work and that will increase ur knowledge.

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