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Thread: Cheney - Edwards

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    Cheney - Edwards

    Haven't seen anything on the vice-presidential debate yet...

    The funniest thing I saw was Cheney lobbying for factcheck.com - that should've been factcheck.org. The first one is an anti-Bush site (LOL), the latter is the independent Annenberg institute of the University of Pennsylvania that Cheney was referring to.

    Even funnier is that factcheck.org came out with its analysis of the debate. Check the facts for yourself... pretty interesting.

    And don't tell me factcheck isn't objective... Cheney's the one leading us to their fairness and objectivity

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    Yeah, that was funny as hell. I was hoping he would direct everyone to WhiteHouse.com as well, but i didn't happen.

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    factcheck.com isn't an antibush site, its an advertiseing firm out of the caymen islands there servers where getting swamped because of the debate, so in an act of protest and to express a personal political leaning they redirected to servers that could better handle the load. georgesorros.com had no knowladge that the redirect happened untill after the fact.

    still damm funny

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    I found it funny that they both agreed on the gay and lesbian issues...

    Cheney isn't half as bad as his running mate :P
    Or doesn't that kind of mating work both ways ??
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    Yeah Neg. That was funny. Kind of like how VP Cheney said that he had never met Senator Edwards before the night of the debate. As soon as I heard that comment, I thought to myself that Cheney has presided over the Senate for the last 4 years, and there is no way in that he could not have met Senator Edwards. I hold VP Cheney to the same standard as I hold Senator Kerry on this one - Before you open your mouth, check your facts, and know what in the hell your talking about!
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    Let's just hope in 2 month's we won't have to see Cheney..
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