How to secure NetBSD

This is a TUT on securing NetBSD…

First off if you are not to familiar with this OS you may not know this. NetBSD sends a daily report of your security. I have just recently learned this. And it has helped me on fixing all glitches and problems in my secured OS. From this I would suggest you to read all the logs at the least, i would read them weekly.

Now into closing the open ports. That should not be open…lol
First off you will need a great port scanner…(top of the line in my books) NMap, would be the port scanner. And here is a link to get this port scanner.

Why you should close all unnecessary open ports, is because this is a easy way into your PC/system. In which, would give hackers full access to your computer. This could lead to a very hectic situation if you get targeted for some odd reason. Or once they are into your PC they can steal info, files, …etc…

For firewalls on NetBSD

To get a firewall on NetBSD you will need to download the install. And the directions from this link below.

A firewall will help keep out a lot of unwanted things. Such as hackers, and spammers…etc. A firewall is mainly a block. This is the easiest way to explain it.
In better terms it acts as a guard to your system determining what you do is safe or not. What you send and receive, The firewall will check for the safety of it all. It is a big body guard pretty much… lol
Do not be fooled ever that a firewall is a 100% guarantee to hack safety. Or anything like that… it is just another great prevention of all this mainly.

Updating your NetBSD

Updates keep your system up to date and familiar with most current problems and how to stop them or repair them. It is also a great securing method because it keeps all this up to date. You know this would be hard to do your own self…lol But yes updates mainly keep your PC up to date with all problems, glitches, viruses, improvements, ups and downs pretty much.

Below here is a link to get all updates I have ever found. It is actually a link to all the links for the updates…lol

Also since NetBSD is a very well known UNIX like OS. It is very secure and also complicated to use for Nix beginners,
and it is complicated to install at that.

But since i have written a install tut. An easy way to install it at that. This should not be hard at all. Granite nix is not easy in anyway shape nor form. This is an easy way for install and secure. And i gave it my best shot for simplifying it all.
and in every way i could make i easy pretty much.

And by the way here is a link to my install tut if it can help in any way if you are interested in this OS, I have provided the secure tut and install tut.

Hope it is easy for you to install and s3cur3.