This is not a tutorial but I think it does deserve to be post here because the information could prove very useful. If a mod wants to move it, feel free.

I知 a big fan of NTFS permission. I love to know all the NTFS permission that my system has. A while ago, I found a nice utility from Microsoft call XCACLS.VBS. XCACLS allow you to output and change all the NTFS permission in a command prompt. For more information, you can check

Today, I was installing a new a Windows 2003 Server. As soon that I finished the installation, I ran XCACLS and ask him to output me all the NTFS permission of all folder and file on my C: (xcacls.vbs c:\*.* /T >> Log.txt )

I知 posting here the output file (Log.txt) in hoping it can help people who need to know the default NTFS permission when tweaking NTFS permission. Good Luck!