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Thread: The best Compiler ?!

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    The best Compiler ?!

    i have the following

    - GCC for Windows
    - GCC for linux
    - MS Visual C++
    - Borland Turbo C++ 4.5

    but i still find that something is missing in each one !!!
    for example i tried to compile the KEYLOGGER written by a member here using Visual C++ but it did'nt work !

    what is the best compiler i can use to compile everything ?
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    hmm...not to sure on the "best" compiler for what you are trying to do...but http://www.freeprogrammingresources.com has alot of compilers for almost every language.

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    A compiler that compiles everything now wouldn't that be nice. I could compile my VB code with my PSX-C compiler.

    Doesn't exist I tell you, compilers are OS, Processor and language specific.

    The reason the keylogger doen't work is anybody's gues right now, if you want help on that you could ask. (You did use the MSVC++ compiler right ?)

    Have you ever coded stuff yourself and debugged it. I mean if you have you could figure out why this code isn't compiling right.

    Hope this clears a few things up.
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    it seems like your looking for a compiler for C/C++. well i'm using dev-cpp and pelles C. they are both free and i prefer them above the ones from M$.

    if your talking about my keylogger, i have written it in DEV-CPP, but MSVC++ 60. standard edition also compiles it.

    if it is not mine, then let us know where we can find it, then we can check on our compilers to see if it works

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    as for compiler:
    to simplify a little bit: you can compile almost every code with every compiler. There are only
    a few constructs (especially while declaring variables (eg the position and/or declaring
    arrays with non-specific sizes)) which you to have take care of.

    as for "add-ons":
    However, if the coder uses some OS-specific "libraries", classes, like MFC, you can compile
    it on systems only where these classes are installed.
    Maybe you have not installed the "standard template classes" (like vector etc.)
    and the coder is using them - then of course, you cannot compile.
    Finally - the coder might use external libraries (like lapack). Then of course, you may be
    able to compile, but not to link.

    as for recommendations:
    - gcc is a fine and simple choice - use it.
    - icc (intel compiler) is free for private and academic purposes. In general this one generates
    code that is 10-20% faster than the gcc (using all optimisation flags)
    - KCC (Kai compiler) is a compiler, that optimises your code before sending to gcc. Not really
    of advantage in my opinion.

    for simplicity and cross-plattform "compatibility" I recommend gcc.

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    i understand but certain compilers does not have the libraries i need

    but i think i found what i want here thanks ...
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