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Thread: Delete guest account?

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    Question Delete guest account?

    Hay what sup guys,
    Well yah i have searched for like the last half hpur trying to find out how to delete my guest ACC. But i am only finding how to do it in NT and 2003 and corp... But not XP pro. That is what i am trying to do this on. I am not sure me haveing SP2 installed would make a differance.
    But, does any one on here have a clue on how to delete that stupid acc.

    Thx ahead of time,

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    Yeah - the User Accounts option in XP's control panel is a little misleading.

    To delete an account in XP (Home or Pro) it is better to do it the ole 2000 way.

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users

    You'll see all the users (incl Guest) listed here. Highlight and right click to delete.

    There is a registry way to do this but this is probably the easiest.

    Hope it helps

    P.S. Make sure your Control Panel is set to "Classic View" - The fisher price toys-a-like alternative is less than useless for doing anything.
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