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Thread: AOL prepares its own browser

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    AOL prepares its own browser

    America Online is planning to release its own stand-alone Web browser based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer technology, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.


    I feel sorry for the world !
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    Doesn't AOL have some kind browser already. I remember a long time ago when my mom had AOL she would have some kind of browser that she used. Sorry I haven't used AOL in a while.

    I am assuming what you mean when you say a browser you mean one that people that aren't using AOL can use.

    That is a sad/bad thing. I am just waiting for the first AOL exploit. I have a feeling that AOL is going to package AOL browser and AIM together.

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    From what i read before its an AOL browser based off of IE usable by nonAOL users. AOL + IE hmmm, doesn't sound very enticing does it? The lamest service mixed with the featurelessness of IE , surely a loser unless AOL has come up with some super spectacular revolutionary idea.

    After installing Creative products drivers and having AOL sh!t left all over my computer in every place possible from desktop to IE bookmarks they can die for all i care and take all their coaster trial cds with them.
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    I only know one person with AOL, but from what I recall the browser looked like some re-badged IE anyway, so I don't think that they are doing anything that revolutionary?

    /off topic

    they can die for all i care and take all their coaster trial cds with them.
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    I mention this because it occurred to me that it might help some of our "financially challenged" college and high school student members.


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    Unless something enticing comes along with it, you won't be finding me with their browser.
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    I am not opinionated or biased at all when it comes to AOL. I will not have any of their crap on any of my boxes. I rip, shred, and delete anything connected to AOL. I even shutter when I see Netscape in a reference to the Mozilla browsers, but will use them anyway (just barely though). No, I'm not opinionated about AOL........heh heh heh
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    moxnix: Will you even watch any of the Turner channels?? (TBS, TNT, etc)
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    This ought to be fun since the current AOL browser that they use does not adhere to any standards.... It will be interesting to see what they come out with....
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