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Thread: Riddle?

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    Lightbulb Riddle?

    When asked this riddle, 80% of kindergarten kids got the answer, compared to 17% of StanfordUniversity seniors.

    What is greater than God,
    More evil than the devil,
    The poor have it,
    The rich need it,
    And if you eat it, you'll die?

    Does Anybody know this one??

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    sometimes I like to pretend I'm still in kindergarten... where nothing matters!
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    Bleh, that's somewhat old. Pretty clever, should be in Tech Humor by the by.
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    Count me among the countless masses who didn't figure it out. Very clever indeed!
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    Sent it to my brother (PHd canidate brother) -he's well stumped. Great post
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    Damn, I was thinking an e-book version of a linux bible.

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