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Thread: Tiny security tool - CheckYourPC

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    Tiny security tool - CheckYourPC

    Total surfing download.com and found this little tool:
    CheckYourPC 2.0
    Check your Anti-Virus Product Configuration and scan your Firewall for open ports and vulnerabilities. It's also possible to simulate a DoS Attack on your Computer. You may use a free Anti-Virus Online Scanner, Antivirus-Removal Tools and a free Online-Spywarecheck.

    Link: http://www.download.com/CheckYourPC/...l?tag=lst-2-19

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    nice GUI for links to online tests..
    and EICAR test... hmmm I supose they couldnt drop a real virus in the machine could they..
    II.a. Warranty
    You use this product at your own risk! The author of the software could not be held responsible, if your Anti-Virus or Firewall Product does not work properly, or if you can't remove the EICAR Testfile from your harddisk. In cases you cannot remove the file by yourself and you have to call an expert, you have to pay the entire cost of the removal/configuration by yourself. If your Anti-Virus Product or Firewall don't work properly or in cases they are missconfirgured, you have to contact your Vendor or Manufacturer of the product for support. NO SUPPORT will be given from the author of this application. Please notice that you have to pay for support by some manufacturers.
    Please notice: By testing your computer against a DoS Attack, it can be possible, that your Computer may crash. This scan should only be done by experienced User. If you are a Computer beginner or if you have fair computer knowlegde, please ask an expert to guide you. You take all tests at your own Risk.
    Notice about External Links and services provided by others: If you have any questions, or if you experience any problems concerning the service they provide, please ask the responsible person at the respective Website for support or assistance.
    from the License agreement

    I rate it 3 out of 10
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