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Thread: Can't download files

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    Can't download files

    I've been trying to get hijack this, but I can't click on links, nor download programs, short of putting my computer in the dumpster any ideas?

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    Not alot of info, what kind of network (i.e. school, corporate) are you on?

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    I think the point is that he is hijacked, it won't let him reach the download site?

    I attached Hijack This. Can you download from here?

    If not, get on another computer, burn the files onto a CD or USB key, and carry them over.

    After that: http://www.windowsupdate.com

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    Hrmm... Soda, where are the attachments?

    An alternative may be to boot into safe mode with networking and see if you can access the site for HijackThis and try downloading then. It'll look ugly since you won't have the video card but it should enable you to get to where you want quickly.

    Also, you may want to pay a visit to http://housecall.trendmicro.com to ensure that nothing else is playing havoc with your machine.
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    Could you download the file from soda?

    Once your computer is up and running again you need to protect it better, do you havd adaware, or adwaresafe? A firewall? What are the specs on your comp?

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    well if you cannot download hjack from the site then maye be the admin of ur college has banned downloads then i guess you will not be avle to download.
    if you are at a home pc and you are not able to download,then plz post thge error you are getting.


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    I suppose it would be out of line to ask if you have a bootable Linux distro handy? Somebody had the same problem as you [actually it was nicer, that person couldn't browse anywhere] but I went, fired up a Knoppix distro, downloaded all the stuff I expected to need [in that case Ad-Aware, Spybot, ZoneAlarm and HjT![/b] and then rebooted in Windows safe mode and installed the stuff, cleaned up, went about my business.

    I suppose in your case you can't download anything? Or just HjT? Keep us posted...

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