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Thread: One simple question if anybody can help me ??

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    Originally posted here by one-eye
    Wow! Great post!!! I wish I were as smart as you!
    Can you share with us any more of your great wisdom?
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    The practice of hiding one piece of information inside of another. The most common example is watermarking.

    Art and science of conveying information in such a way that its presence is unnoticed. It comes from the greek words steganůs steganos (covered) and graptos graptos (writing), literally covered writing, in the sense of a hidden thing. In steganography the text or image in question is invisible although it resides in the interior of an apparently normal piece of other information, like a text an image or a soundtrack. Unlike cryptography where the message is clearly visible although you need the key to decipher it, in this case the information cannot be seen unless the correct procedure is applied to the text or image where it resides.

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    Stegonagraphy basically means hidden writing. You can actually hide data in many different file carriers; pictures, music, video, binary exe's, and more. Carrier files can be big problems. Some files are already compressed like jpg's and mp3's and they can hold less data before being identified than uncompressed formats such as bmp's and wav's. As sam2k stated Stegonagraphy's goal is to hide information and conceal the fact that it even exists. Cryptography's goal is confidentiality. Some stegonagrahy tools allow you to optionally encrypt data. If you can tell a file has been steged, then that avoids the whole purpose of hiding it.

    Stegonagraphy works by using the least significant bits in the file to hide the data. As for the case of a picture, the more bits that get changed, the more distorted the image will be. This is why a carrier file can only hold a certain amount of data.
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    It's like a picture hidden within a picture. Wikipedia has an interesting article, where if you do a process to a PCX image file, you get a cat out of trees.

    Where as cryptography is more like text cipherd.

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    origional message is hidden within something else in steganography whereas in encryption transposition and substitution are applied on origional message to change it to anather form.
    consider a simple rule first letter of each word in a message forms origional message.
    there are ways to hide a message like:
    1)using a pencil to highlight a printed letter which can be seen when placed at a angle to light.
    2)using a hidden ink so that u can't see that message unless u heat that paper.
    3)using small pin punctures which can't be seen normally.
    4) a message can be hidden by using the least significant bit of frames of a cd.
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    It's the art of producing a material that is blank, untill you piss on it. Where upon it turns into a map.

    Crude but effective.
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    Oh, another example... Think of those things they sell to kids that are those red-dotted sheets of paper, along with a red-tinted "spy glasses" plastic sheet. That's a great example.

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