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Thread: Binary conversion question

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    Binary conversion question


    I am confused as to how I convert an IP address into binary. Could someone either explain this or point me in the direction of a good tutorial? The results I received from my search left me more confused.

    Thank you,

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    This may help clear things up for you.;

    Like zip codes and telephone numbers, IP addresses are assigned in a hierarchical fashion. Unlike zip codes and telephone numbers, IP addresses are designed to be interpreted by computers, which operate on a binary numbering system, so IP addresses are organized into a binary hierarchy.
    Read the rest here http://www.freesoft.org/CIE/Course/Subnet/4.htm

    To convert decimal to binary I use a table and the binary values to find the answer

    For example, the decimal number 135 in binary is 10000111
    Take your decimial number and subtract the largest number possible number from the table
    put a "1" for each number used and "0" for each "not used" as follows:

    135- 128 = 7
    7-4 = 3
    3-2 = 1
    1 -1 = 0

    Value: 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
    Binary number: 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1

    Your Binary number is 10000111

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    Do you know how to convert number into binary? If yes, convert a IP is just convering the 4 number of the IP address and merging them toger.

    Take this IP :
    Each Number Separately in Binary : 00000000.00000001.00000010.00000011
    Binary Less the Dot : 00000000000000010000001000000011
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    I am a dumbass

    Thanks, I just realized what I was doing wrong. I was taking the number as a whole instead of breaking it into four seperate parts. Now I see. The ip address makes it very clear.

    Thank you both very much.

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