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Thread: Virus help

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    Virus help

    My friend has been infected by W32.Funner worm. He already did the steps in the removal instructinos. Now, when he try to login to window, it automatically logout. what can he do to remove the virus?

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    Ugh... Have you tried the obvious yet? HAHA! Try booting from safe mode and seeing if you can make the necessary changes from there.

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    Have you tried doing a manual removal?

    Automated removals don't always take all the necassary steps to completely remove malware, especially when it's as new as Funner (Only about 2 days old). This worm spreads by using MS Windows Messenger and affects all Windows versions.. From what you said in your post, my guess would be an incomplete removal. If you only did an automatic removal, a
    manual removal of all infected files and registry settings should be done also. The companies that provide these antivirus updates, are often under consider pressure to produce a 'fix' as soon as possible. This often leads to a misunderstanding of the worm and often incomplete
    removals. For this reason you could also try downloading more recent virus updates or try different antivirus software. Funner is tricky to remove unless your familar with it. On load the worm copies itself over explorer, iexplorer, and rundll32.exe. This a survival strategy to keep the worm in memory.
    The 3 files work together to keep the other two loaded. If a process is shutdown then another one will load it back. This worm is interesting to read about and complete removal instructions are at http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ven...32.funner.html
    Hope this helps...
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    thanks everybody

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