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Thread: Which language can make a perfect keylogger ??

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    Cool Which language can make a perfect keylogger ??

    Hello All,
    When i see all the free keyloggers which are avaliable on the net sometime i wonder which can be the best language to code a good, complete, perfect keylogger ?
    I have come across keyloggers which logs almost every action done using the keyboard and it also logs applications opend using the mouse click.

    I myself tried writing my own keylogger in C++ but was not able to make it that effective.

    Hence just wanna know which can be the best language to code a perfect key logger ?


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    Which OS are you using, in Windows you can use almost every language
    together with the WinAPI's. I once wrote a keylogger with Delphi but you
    can also use VC++ (or other languages).
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    Well, starting with the answer and going back to the question, so to speak.

    A keylogger should be small, fast, unobtrusive and efficient. The best language to support that is Assembler, in my opinion. As already suggested you can use just about any language, but ASM would be my choice.

    The main problem I have with keyloggers is they tend to collect too much information, which makes subsequent analysis a real pain. From a security viewpoint, I tend to look on them as a weapon of last resort, for that reason.

    On the otherhand, if your purpose is to create interactive, animated tutorials, user manuals etc. then you DO want to record everything.


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    Anything. I'd use C or C++. C may make a smaller executable.

    If you want ultimate efficiency and executable size, use C and link without the C runtime library. This is extremely inconvenient, generally speaking, but produces tiny exes (my record for exe size is 2.5k).

    In win32 it's possible to create executables in C that don't use the C runtime. That is the way to make the smallest exes.

    Even if you use the C runtime, it will usually only bloat the exe by 15k or so (depending on what functions you call, obviously)


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    Hey but if we use C, can we implement the multi-tasking which i think is essential to keep the keylogger running even when other tasks are going on ?

    was jus wondering .. or for the implementation of multi tasking we have to use C++ ?
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