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Thread: Voting Machines Need More Cooling Fans

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    Voting Machines Need More Cooling Fans

    Imagine that, heat causes a computer crash.

    Computer crash linked to excessive heat deepens concerns about electronic voting

    By Rachel Konrad, The Associated Press Oct 13 2004 3:05PM

    A computer crash that forced a pre-election test of electronic voting machines to be postponed was trumpeted by critics as proof of the balloting technology's unreliability.

    The incident in Palm Beach County -- which is infamous for its hanging and pregnant chads during the 2000 presidential election

    The story here
    Seems like they just want their chads back. As I was informed several weeks ago, electronic voting machines work wonderfully. Just keep them cooler!

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    Hmm I remember posting something about most of them not working all that great... Anyway, can I get a lease on whatever cooling systems they'll be using between elections?

    Another method would be for everybody to vote in Alaska... let the people pay, if they really think they should vote.

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    Mechanical problems during California's March primary caused nearly half of all touch-screens in San Diego County to malfunction, causing hundreds of precincts to open late. Heat-related troubles have flared up in other counties.
    Overclockers for Kerry?

    I am glad that SD is going back to paper for now. They have some issues that still need to be resolved with these voting machines.
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    Although eletronic voting system isnt the Wonderland, i think that it can be used "safelly" (comparing with paper safety).

    BTW, here elections are 100% eletronic thru voting machines. And here is damn hot, comparing with yours....
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