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Thread: Now, for Your PC: Mac OS X

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    Now, for Your PC: Mac OS X

    A Hawaiian company specializing in streaming video claims to have developed a $50 software emulator that allows a Windows PC to run Apple Computer's Mac OS X.


    Sounds quiet interesting ....
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    How about that.

    I still think its retarded that MAC doesn't release an edition that will run on normal PC hardware.

    Oh well... I'm not loosing any sleep over it. I can't name one appliation that I NEED that is only on MAC that isn't on Linux of PC. Actually... I can't think of any MAC apps that I'd actually use if I had one. But it would be kind of cool, just to learn the OS.

    As far as setting one up to connect to a network.. I can fake my way through that.
    But don't ask me anything else about them... All I know is they are way more expensive than a PC. I can build or even buy a kick ass server for the price of a MAC.

    Still, very cool project.
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    Hmm.. Interesting..

    But really.. Why run OSX when you can run Linux?

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    Hey Hey,

    I guess it depends on how it operates on whether or not it's useful....

    If you just want the glimmer of MacOS X You can theme XP as if it were a Mac... right down to the fancy Dock...
    If you want the BSD functionality.... well that's a given... get some sort of *nix
    If you want it for testing... then maybe.
    However the only real advantage of Macs comes from their power with apps like Photoshop... Will the emulator have the power to allow Photoshop function at Mac type speeds... or will it run as it does on a PC (about half as fast as on a Mac).

    For me... I'd rather save the $50 and download PearPC.... It's definately cheaper (Free!) and it's open source... I'm just waiting for work to OK me using one of the MacOS X licenses and then I'll be test driving the software... I've been staring at my copy for ages...

    Check it out -- PearPC.

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    I still think its retarded that MAC doesn't release an edition that will run on normal PC hardware.
    Actually, it's not. You end up with less hardware conflicts. If you can control what components go in, then you can eliminate most problems. That's something that MS can't do.

    The CherryOS does sound interesting but in today's environment there is less of a need for this kind of thing because Apple isn't King of graphics/desktop publishing. Much of what can be done on Apple can be done on PC. And if you need to use heavy-duty, you'll be getting the hardware anyways. It seems rather redundant to me but that's just me.
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