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Thread: Virus?

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    I just recveived a msg from a william caster who wanted some info on how to keep
    someone from getting into his pc and he mentioned this site. I read a lot of the msgs
    posted here but think I have only ask one question long, long ago. So has anybody
    heard of this caster? His e mail was listed if I had any info to help him out and no I didn't
    answer him.

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    I've moved this post from Roll Call to AntiVirus Discussion as this might be a virus/worm and because people cannot respond to roll call posts. Perhaps you could post the email itself so that people could see it? (Remove any parts you feel necessary for privacy issues -- e.g., emails, ips). Sometimes the wording of the email can be helpful in determining whether it's valid or not.

    I have done search for "Caster" in both members and posts and haven't found anything that matches.
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