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Thread: Help with Installing drivers in RH Fedora-2

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    Question Help with Installing drivers in RH Fedora-2

    Hi Guys,

    I would classify my self as a complete newbie to the blood and guts of *nix.

    My Goal..

    Set up a RH - Fedora core 2 Box to connect directly to the internet
    set the beast up as a firewall (Ip tables)
    and enable it as a gateway for the home network.. perhaps with a proxy (squid?)
    leading to a plan of installing a mail server/spam&virus filter

    First hurdle:
    I have a D-Link DSL-200 Modem.. the only drivers I can find are the ECIADSL universal drivers.. these are supplied in 2 formats RPM and TAR.GZ ..
    Now the RPM would be easiest for me (lazy).. but I get a file association error 9I thought RPM was compatable with RH..I must be wrong)
    no worries.. I will just install useing the TAR.GZ package.. hmm a slight barrier (Me).. the following error is displayed.
    starting configuration for ECIADSL-0.9 in /usr/local/eci-adsl..

    checking make location... /usr/bin/make
    checking make version... 3.80
    checking gcc location... not found

    the configure script has failed, one or more errors have occurred,
    check configure.log and configure.tmp for further detail
    My question .. Where the $#@% is GCC be? what should I be looking for, missing update.. or misconfigured install.. (installed as a server.. with Gnome Xwindows.. tried to use default setting..secure as I learn..oh and break after installation rather than during)
    BTW: I don expect to have my hand held.. I appreciate pointers.. or a link to where I may find some info.. I realy need to get too many years of Windoze jelly brain out of my system

    Thank You
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    Looks like you didn't install any of the development tools and therefore you can't compile anything using gcc.

    Do a "whereis gcc" and it'll show you where gcc is, if it is installed.
    But from your error... we can assume that it is not installed.

    You can use the package management program in Fedora to install that package and its dependancies from CDROM.

    BTW: How are you connecting to the modem? If you are using ethernet, then there shouldn't be any reason to install your DSL modem. Just use a PPPoE client to establish the connection.

    I know several people who have gotten up and running just fine using roaring penguin
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    Thanks for your help phishphreek80,

    Yes once the needed modules were installed the install ran perfectly.. modem configured and is working.. (well the lights are on and flashing.. just need to swap it out with my current modem (Alcatel) to test all is well.
    just to explain.. the modem is a USB adsl modem,

    I appreciate the link the site looks helpful as well as the tool..

    now onto the next step


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    I'm using Roaring Penguin atm and except for a little editing of the config file, it works right off the bat after running adsl-setup .

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    If you are in LAN,Why can't you install driver in windows and share the ethernet connection in REDHAT... even as bad as me in *nix did that...and wtining this through redhat...assuming i have less knowledge in *nix than you. That way I have internet connection in 2 linux and 3 windows machine at home.

    If there is anything to beal with kernel module, linux is hell just use it for security only windows does far better job on drivers I think.

    When windows can recognise 2 network cards, almost any modem or router without such headache, linux is pain in the ass... I love X-windows these days though, though I can't perform any admin task, I would take advise of phisophreek.

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