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Thread: spy's a nonsense

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    spy's a nonsense

    how do i prevent it from installing automatically into my pc?

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    Usually two options: use something other than IE or use Linux.

    Most software that I've seen is reactive rather than proactive when it comes to spyware. If you're on a corporate LAN, might want to suggest to management to take a look at WebSense.
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    yup. i switched to SuSE and have no spyware or virus infects. i am still iffy about that though. i may have them but don't know that i do. will be installing ClamAV soon. haven't found a spyware checker for linux yet.
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    I'm still running windows, but I switched to Mozilla Firefox a while ago and it has been AWESOME! No additional popups, spyware has been nil (have SpySweeper running in the background). Occasionally I have to open IE for testing web applications, and the chaos starts again.

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    XP Service Pack two does a good job of blocking pop ups and various controls that gain access via IE. Firefox on the other hand is the sheet.
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    Considering the fact that adware gets on a machine from known exploits in IE, paying attention to the updates does the job. The rest of adware usually comes bundled, which means paying attention to what you download. (No KaZaa!)

    Firefox is not a end all solution. My point being that whatever you use, updates will still be #1 priority.

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