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Thread: A Wealth of Vuln/Exploit Information

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    A Welath of Vuln/Exploit Information

    I just stumbled across a wealth of knowledge. I was informed today that I am going to need the GCIA Certified Incident Handler certification. A requirement of this program is to write a practical explanation describing a specific vulnerability and how to exploit it. Once your paper is approved by the GCIA team, it is posted online. These papers are long, complex and sometimes tough to read through, but they are overflowing with valuable information on all types of exploits and vulnerabilities. Cant wait to start writing mine...



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    Awesome link, thanks for the heads up...

    Good luck on your paper...
    - Maverick

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    Cosign, that's an informative link and has some interesting papers. And of course, good luck with yours.
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    I agree nice informative link. Thanks

    - MilitantEidolon
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    Here is a great place for vulnerabilities as well:

    The Open Source Vulnerability Database

    lots o' good stuff.
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    i think secunia is good..

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    Please pay attention to the original posting date of the post you are replying to. This is a 2004 post. Its okay to bring old post back to life when you feel it had some information worth bringing back to light.

    I actually believe this one was a good one to "bump". Also, posting something like "this is good" is not a quality post. Post like this will quickly get you banned. Good luck here sir.

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