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Thread: CDONTS problem!

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    CDONTS problem!

    Hi experts!!

    Im building a web site for a friend, and its gonna be in ASP and includes CDONTS has for e-mail config to send e-mails for passwords etc.

    The system is a machine PIII with 256Ram and a 640Kbs connection with Windows XP Pro.

    Its only for his fun and joy

    Im with it right now, and the CDONTS is configured but thers a doubt...why the heck it takes 21 minutes do send the e-mail for a forgoten password, for example?

    Isnt there a way to short this time..at least for a couple of minutes? hum..is it the config? the connection?..

    Thanx alot for any help


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    Well, for starters you shouldn't send passwords via email. You should have an alternative authentication scheme (such as secret question/answer or something) that allows them to reset their password themselves.

    Beyond that I'd check your mail server configs.
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    im gonna have that in consideration, mean while, i have another doubt, i noticed that for ex, if send the message for hotmail or yahoo, the message goes to the mass mailling box..how can i make it go to the normal box? certificates???


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