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Thread: LSASS buffer overflow

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    LSASS buffer overflow

    ive done some research, determined that this is the problem that has been raping my computer. Although I dont think the attacker has done anything mailicious (besides causing a system reboot every ten minutes ) im getting the patches, following all the reccomendations that i read on various websites, but i cant help but think if the attacker received any kind of personal or sensitive information. can anyone help? and not surprisingly, the microsoft firewall didnt pick it up so i put zone alarm on. ill give a couple links if you all want a good read. im using win xp pro.


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    Thanks to NeuTron I had today a real good read[1]
    about the your topic.

    The Microsoft Firewall does log what you tell him to log.
    A log reader can be found here [2].
    Zone Alarm does not just give you better information.
    Especially you should use windump[3] (or similar stuff) to
    check in detail what the attacker has received - however,
    now it is too late anyway

    But maybe for next time, you will be well prepared
    (sorry, should not be sarcastic )

    [1] http://www.giac.org/practical/GCIH/S...nnedy_GCIH.pdf
    [2] http://www.winxpcentral.com/windowsxp/fwlog.php
    [3] http://windump.polito.it/install/default.htm
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    Er...... Patching might help..... This was addressed in 04-11.....

    Issued: April 13, 2004
    Updated: August 10, 2004
    Version: 2.1
    Then again a firewall would have prevented it..... Actually, it would have stopped it dead.....
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    thanks for the replies. actually tiger shark, im using my laptop and it had never been connected to the internet before. so i plugged it in, dialed away, and not fifteen minutes later the buffer overflow occured. now i do have zone alarm and closed just about every port i dont need. i also patched up my laptop. ill just have to add this to my lessons learned the hard way list
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    Wow, does this sound familiar. A few months ago I had a similar problem. I re-installed xp on my laptop and took a quick trip to the library (I was offline at the time). While there i deceided to slip in my wireless card (i didn't know if the library had wireless at that time), and it instantly put me online. So I was just pissing around online and within 5 minutes of being online I was infected by blaster.

    So after this I picked up zone alarm and NAV2k4. This made it possible for me to actually patch my laptop before getting infected.

    Now, I have official microsoft update CDs (sp1a and sp2). But more importantly I have slip streamed sp2 into an XP install CD, and it also installs a bunch of drivers and programs. If you want to also setup an xp cd like this, here's a great guide:
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