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    Originally posted here by Tim_axe
    From what I've seen, all of Intel's recent (Pentium3 on up) processors have a full-speed L2 cache. Even their Celerons. I think half-speed L2 Cache ended with the Pentium II era. Feel free to correct me on this for Intel's Desktop offerings. ( Processor Specs @ Intel: http://processorfinder.intel.com/scripts/default.asp )
    That may be the case, but I seem to remember some issue related to hyperthreading that would increase cache latency and slow down cache access. I also wouldn't put a whole tonne of faith in a document that simply lists the cache speed as identical to the core clock listing (for a P4 2.40A, "2.40A GHz").

    I'd love to get my hands on a dual Opteron board with AGP 8X support, unfortunately it puts the systems well outside of my price range.
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    I also wouldn't put a whole tonne of faith in a document that simply lists the cache speed as identical to the core clock listing (for a P4 2.40A, "2.40A GHz").
    True. Haha, I didn't catch that one

    I'd love to go Opteron also, but I couldn't afford it. So I voided a few warrenties and built a monster dual 2.45GHz AthlonXP-M (1.35volt 2400+ mobile processor overclocked by leaps and bounds) system. With a bit of watercooling that I'm planning later this year, I'd expect to run this at 2.5GHz or higher. For $80 per processor, I think I'm close enough to the performance (if not beating it) of a low-end $200 Opteron 2xx processor to be the winner here. For the cost of my entire system, you might be able to buy a single Opteron 240 processor, a decent motherboard, maybe a 512MB stick of RAM, and a cheap HDD...

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    I would guess my 45 Mhz e-mail server needs ..... updating?

    Ah, I crack myself up.

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    we dont really know what will happen in this coming 2005
    but on my own opinion i think Intel will focus on this 64 bit processore and forget the old one's (i mean is will focusing on this new technocrap)= less heat & whtsoever ....I wish.....
    is there any 64 bit OS (windows xp and linux)..... ohh i think ill made one 128 bit
    <just kdding>!!!

    so they can get the high rate in the market ...
    and AMD will adpt this or what? I think the AMD 64 blow intel.. naaahhhhhhhh

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