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Thread: Defeating Honeypots

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    Defeating Honeypots

    Security Focus is featuring a very interesting set of papers on defeating honeypots.

    I had been doing some research on honeypots and planned on implementing one on my home network. I just need to get all of the necessary hardware to make sure that any traffic from my honeypot doesn't slip through to my private network. There are so many different ways to setup a honeypot and I've been trying to plan one out. It changes every time I read a paper on honeypots.

    This set of papers makes for a very interesting read and gives one more ideas of what to do and what not to do to try and make your honeypot less detectable.

    Defeating Honeypots Part 1
    Defeating Honeypots Part 2

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    Originally posted here by 11001001

    How to defeat a honeypot...
    that's OT --> but it really gave me a good chuckle!!

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