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Thread: Another Micro$oft moment

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    Another Micro$oft moment

    This is more of a joke than anything else. I was all pissy then I saw this and I just sat back and laughed. Notice the advice that MS gives and what really works.

    C:\WINNT\system32>help ftp
    This command is not supported by the help utility. Try "ftp /?".

    C:\WINNT\system32>ftp /?
    Unknown host /?.
    ftp> bye

    TheHorse13 ponders, hmmmm, I wonder if a Linuxish command would work....

    C:\WINNT\system32>ftp --help

    Transfers files to and from a computer running an FTP server service
    (sometimes called a daemon). Ftp can be used interactively.

    FTP [-v] [-d] [-i] [-n] [-g] [-s:filename] [-a] [-w:windowsize] [-A] [host]

    -v Suppresses display of remote server responses.
    -n Suppresses auto-login upon initial connection.
    -i Turns off interactive prompting during multiple file
    -d Enables debugging.
    -g Disables filename globbing (see GLOB command).
    -s:filename Specifies a text file containing FTP commands; the
    commands will automatically run after FTP starts.
    -a Use any local interface when binding data connection.
    -A login as anonymous.
    -w:buffersize Overrides the default transfer buffer size of 4096.
    host Specifies the host name or IP address of the remote
    host to connect to.

    - mget and mput commands take y/n/q for yes/no/quit.
    - Use Control-C to abort commands.


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    Gotta love consistency!!

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