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Thread: A new Firewall I haven't seen on here

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    A new Firewall I haven't seen on here


    It appears Firestarter for Gnome has competition. KMyFirewall is a firewall for IPTables based on KDE. I gave a link so go check it out.

    And in other Slackware related news:

    slapt-get is getting a face lift. I just saw a Beta screen shot of slapt-get with a GTK GNOME Interface.

    This is just really another step in my experiences with Slackware, and seeing if I can make it do other things and how much it can really handle, as it is great for my paper.

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    Yay! Yet another interface for iptables. Personally, I like fwbuilder.

    fwbuilder will allow you to create firewall rules for multiple types of friewalls, (ipchains, ipfw, iptables and even cisco pix. IMO, its the best interface out there. Just because its so easy to configure multiple platforms. It looks just like the policy builder for a checkpoint firewall 1. I like the drag and drop interface. It makes creating firewall rules childs play. All a user needs to knows is some basics on services, ports and what hosts should be able to do.

    Thanks for the heads up on KMyFirewall. I like how there are so many options for everything on *nix and a user can choose the solution that fits their needs the best.
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    Hrmm, thanks for the links guys. I'm going to try both of these out and see which ones I like and what I'll use.

    phish: fwbuilder allows you to create rules for ipchains, etc? And it's interface is pretty good aswell? (drag and drop sounds pretty easy, I'd want to recommend it to my linux buddies/customers/etc) Thanks again guys.
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