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    The Internet Education Foundation has released a website containing (introductory) information on internet threats.

    GetNetWise is "a public service brought to you by a wide range of Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations. The GetNetWise coalition wants Internet users to be only "one click away" from the resources they need to make informed decisions about their and their family's use of the Internet."

    The "Internet industry corporations" are - amongst others - MicroSoft, Verizon, AOL, AT&T and Dell.
    Others are Wells Fargo and the Center for Democracy and Technology.

    I quickly browsed through the site and it's not too shabby... Clear and to the point, a lot of how-to videos, but the tools section seems to be heavily sponsored (in the firewalls section for example, only paying firewalls are listed...).

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    Common Negative, do you think perhaps a few mentiioned names created the problem, M$ b(hotmail), AOL, AT&T with spam and now are going to solve it for us? You bet they are dig into your pocket. Dell charges you 40 bucks to remove softare Microsoft made and the evil doer marketing beople you agreed to it spyware program that if you computer is on and on-line servers up pop up ads from besides the porno people Dell, Fed-Ex, Microsoft, and well just about any of the little corps you mention. How do I know I gotta clean their crap off peoples work stations dailly just so they can actually work.. I'm happy they are solving this problem. Buy that last bit and let Bill Gates give to you his latest consumer invention the Media PC a 2 x 3 foot box althought it can be retro fitted in to a 2 x 5 foot consol stereo for your living roon...guess the guy in his 8,000 sq ft place have not figured out the living roon is for real people and the family room for fun...they read this Bill's butt is gonna pucker. Livingroom...what a concept Living does not require a re-boot
    Good point your younger and mor agile
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    I agree with you Neg, it is really basic stuff. It's set out quite well and easy to understand for kids. One thing I thought was annoying that you had to click so many times to get to one single page. Also I counted about 5 or 6 links before I got to the list of AV products. IMHO that should be a main feature. Also for those using 56k looks like it'd take a while to load...

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    Thanks for the Link Neg

    I will be testing this out on a few of my friends.. certainly could be worth linking if they respond in a positive manor.. BTW my friends are not techno types and basic (the right type ) could be more helpful than 1000pages of techno speak..

    Info Appreciated
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    As much as it is really is basic, it's the basics that most new net users (or even users who have been on the net for awhile) that they lack. Everyone who connect's to the internet need's to know the basic's and the information provided in this link. Interesting post Neg...
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