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    Computers & Cars

    Just something I wanted to throw out here mostly because of an annoying idiot light I have that just seems to happen now about every month. I own a late model truck I had this idiot light come on that said "Check Engine", lucky me off to a good friend that has an engine shop. Well sort of he plugs in his little probe...said I had a drop in the "vapor system fuel intake" this meant fuel lines or air intake according to him...I know computers he knows how to fix engines. What it really meant after some testing cause his a gear head and now has to deal with computers is not only pissed but lucky because any car make now days is not releasing the meaning of their codes. Anyway long story short my 2 year old Ford Ranger "Check Engine Idiot Light" was found to come on when cold or hot weather shruck or expandaded my gass cap to either exceed pressure or not have enough pressure is the gas line. Mind you by the time I simply cut the wire to the check engine light cause as we figured out it could not exceed the factory set limit of .025% in the fuel line any air bubbles meant that light would require me to go to a dealership and as far as I can tell they can set when that light will come on for about 300 to 1,200 dollars per visit depending on how honest they are.

    Now I do not know about you but as many here are very aware of computers any or may may drive cars and for at least 7 years all their systems are monitored and contriled by computers. My oldest son has a VW Jetta has an beep also small drop in oil pressure not enough to hurt the engine just driving fast in Calfornia traffic and breaks to quick...beep, beep. I advised him to cut the speaker because the dealership wants $7, 000 to replace his engine.

    Of the goole searchs I did I found one link it is bad enough to manage a network now days now because of makers only supply the codes to their dealrships $$ people.

    With all this talk of computers in cars whay do the people that make them link them to an idiot light that is red or amber on the dash? Hell it gets over 70 in the inside of my 2 year old Ford Ranger lately cause I disabled the "Amber Check Engine" now I get a "RED Door Open"...ah Ford I know how to close my Truch Door.

    Need more reverse engineering on the area of car computers codes and how these car makers are not fessing up.
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    Yeah vapor lock can be a Bitch. It can even make your vehicle stall some times.

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    Not about Vapor Lock

    Actually if you read the link it is more about I cannot go to a trusted friend or independent repair person because any car mfg now days will not release their codes. In short no matter what make your car as it is going right now if it is new only where you bought it or the franchise is where they shut off the "IDIOT LIGHTS" why have they not forgooten the GPS display and given me a read out in their own way their presets for normal functions? Because only they are empowered to know this information. Not such a simple answer as a vapor lock...a seal on a gas cap in hot or cold weather has a +- of so much give it to me,, you cannot because you don't kjnow where that seal came from.
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    These systems are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency,
    and weren't originally the car makers' idea. There has been a running battle
    between car makers and independent repair interests over access
    to repair information. Independents argue that, since it is a Gov't mandate,
    car makers should not have a monopoly on info. Car makers argue that
    they do the R&D and must hoard info in order to make a legitimate profit.

    BTW, Volkswagens often have two oil pressure sensors on their engines,
    unlike other manufacturers who only have one. The two sensors look almost identical
    but one is closed (on) at rest and open when pressure is present. The second sensor
    is the opposite, open at rest and closed with pressure. I believe they are wired to
    the computer, which also calculates speed before deciding to illuminate the light.

    If someone put the wrong sensor in there (both sensors of type one), you will
    get a warning light at certain speeds, even though you have adequate oil pressure.
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    Easy fix if whatever's wrong with your engine is visible. I don't recommend this if you can't fix what's wrong!

    Disconnect the battery cables for 1 minute. Reconnect them. Check engine idiot light and onboard computer both reset. Now if a sensor is stuck, or there's a more serious problem (ie you didn't find it when looking under your hood,) the light will turn back on.
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    Ice that doesn't work on a lot of new cars.
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