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    well this is kinda stupid question ( stupid people ask stupid question)
    what use do the keys F1 ,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9.F10,F11.F12,HAVE

    YESS i do know alt +f4 closes the program,f1 is for help but what the heck are the remaining for???
    same implies for scroll lock pause ,print screen etc.??

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    F10 will get you into setup on a Compaq, F2 on other systems.

    Otherwise they can be used as hot keys in user applications or for application programmers to give faster navigation.

    You can also use them to launch macros and the like.

    Strictly speaking their original intention was to provide "user definable" keys.

    I am sure that I read that many years ago

    EDIT: Scroll lock and pause were useful in DOS to stop the whole of a file displaying (OK you can do it from the command line, but those keys were handier when debugging).

    Print screen does just that, although with some apps you will find that it actually copies to the clipboard, and you need to use Notepad or whatever to actually get a print.

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