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Thread: Portable Firefox: Run Firefox from a USB drive

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    Portable Firefox: Run Firefox from a USB drive

    My friend Beer Coaster pointed this out to me. Someone has come up with an app that lets you run Firefox from a directory without installing it. I carry it around on a thumb drive now. Useful for those of us that work on company boxes that donít have Firefox installed. Itís also nice when you find a clients box thatís so loaded with spyware and browser hijackers that you canít download Mozilla/Firefix using IE. Check it out at:


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    i am still not sold in it's usefulness - but none the less, it's a very cool app idea.
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    very nice. this would have come in handy for me more than once recently. thank you for sharing.

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    I can add one more web browser that can be used just for simple browzing
    it take not so place on usb and good to have on usb or cd
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