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    Re: Removing Gigasearch.biz Homepage

    Secondly, I want to run Zone Alarm Pro, but the problem with that is it does not allow MS Outlook 2003 to download emails, please also advise in this regard.
    As a firewall I would recommend Kerio Personal Firewall.

    I've downloaded it after reading about it in other posts on this forum and it's working great for me so far! I'm also using it in combination with Win XP - SP 2, and it seems to be running without any problems.

    You can download it from here:

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    You have something I haven't seen before, which means nothing.

    Could you post a startup log from HijackThis please? In Hijackthis press the Config Button
    Click Misc Tools
    Check both boxes under the Generate StartupList log and then click the generate startuplist log button.

    Paste the contents into your next reply here, please, and then mark the post as hidden. It is easier to research your post if I can open it in my browser.

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    Have you tried booting into safe-mode and then try and run the scanner. You should be able to easily locate and delete the files assocc. with it.

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    Try a real simple thing goto http://www.mozilla.org then install "Firefox" do not import the bookmarks and say goodbye to IE exploits for now see a few sites testing Firefox, but worst is it crashes but it's the beta send the reports to them.
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