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Thread: I need some tips and info on netbios...

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    I need some tips and info on netbios...

    I am a noob trying to explore. I would like to inprove some of my skills.... I am not trying to harm anything, just trying to exploreand learn new things, and so I can protect myself from other hackers. So some questions... What is a good proxyserver?
    How do I use the net bios to get INTO an LAN?

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    suspicious worded post. pls give more details what & why you are doing.

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    Get a switch and another computer and hack yourself INSIDE your OWN LAN. That the way best way to learn and you'll be safe because you'll hack yourself!
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    How do I use the net bios to get INTO an LAN?

    NetBios is a native protocol of windows. Used for file sharing. It runs in port num 445 or 139 depending on the windows operating system. For further understanding you can go windows-security site or sans.

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    If you don't have money for a switch/router and another computer try out VMWare, it has a 30-day trial and it will let you run another OS on top of yours... use that with NAT/Host-only networking and you got yourself a virtual LAN... heck, if you got enough RAM, you could start out two or three virtual machines at the same time and get a more complicated set-up.

    Other than that, the way you're asking stuff [in this and a previous thread] makes me think of a skid with mediocre social engineering skills... sorry if I sound bitter, but that's the way it is around here. I don't want to seem as if I am under-appreciating your desire to learn.

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    It's all been posted befor, if you had done just a basic search of post's for "netbios hacking" you would have found a tutorial by a now banned user called Rioter.

    Here you go: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...778#post521012
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