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Thread: Network Security Question

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    Network Security Question

    How does a Hacker enter into an remotely located servers??

    Does he uses any tools developed by him??

    What must an server have that it is well safe against these attacks??

    Is there any software, which can tell u that how unsafe is u r server??



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    Most of your questions cannot be answered in a short
    manner - and not even unambiguous. Some would say,
    that a "real" hacker does not need to develop his/her own tools,
    others say, he/she does.

    The most brute-force software, that is "testing" the "security" of
    your server, is called "penetration testing software" . The two most
    well-known (and most used?) are

    - nessus[1]
    - retina[2]

    A guide I just have seen on the web [3].

    [1] http://www.nessus.org
    [2] http://www.eeye.com/html/Products/Retina/index.html
    [3] http://www.penetration-testing.com/
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    Difficult subject.

    What your asking is not something explained very easily.

    Let's go throught it...

    How does a Hacker enter into an remotely located servers??
    Lets see.. how does he not. The internet, phone lines, RL. All possible media you can think of.

    And the how... there are so many way's: backdoors, trojans, exploits in general, admin passwords, social enginering, taking over secure sessions, acting as a trusted network or system, etc.

    Does he uses any tools developed by him??
    He could be or not, maybe he's using whatever he can get his hands on, maybe he writes it himself , maybe he works in a team and they have a set of tools of their own.

    One thing he doesn't have too. He could be though.

    Is there any software, which can tell u that how unsafe is u r server??
    Yes, there is, try using the search function the forum is filled with threads on this subject. And look at the tools sec_ware pointed you too.
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    Well if you are interested in this, I would say, to get a feeling for the topic, check out "Approaching Zero", a nice "book" on the hacker/cracker culture. I loved this book and the best you can get it for free on the net and it isn't illegal.

    Here's the link:

    Then you will see, what the others allready told you, that there is no easy answer to it. Hackers are human, individuals, which have all their own ways to do such things. You see, when you and me are having to do a simple task, we may approach it not the same way, and that's the reason, why hackers don't do their attacks all in the same way. Important is the knowlegde, ways are several and not all for all people or goal.

    Hope you got what I mean. Wish you a good reading

    Best wishes,
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    u know... if u google.. ud get ur questions answered easily...

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    Dude ... Your question is too broad !. It's sorta like asking how a burglar breaks into a house.
    There are hundreds of ways you can think of. Try googling !!

    He may or may not use tools developed by him !. It Depends on what he's hacking and the
    amount of spare time he has.

    Any Pc thats connected to the internet; be it a server or be it an ordinary box , should run a
    firewall. There are a lot of freely available firewalls around. Just google for em !!

    Yeah.. like sec_ware said..... Nessus,Satan etc. gives an account of the vulnerabilities.

    Downloading Updates and Patches, running a good firewall are some of the ways to keep your
    box safe. A lot of people don't give a damn about physical security. Cutting the cables of the
    network is easier than ip spoofing or a dos attack !!.

    So stay safe .. And don't practice Security by Obscurity !

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