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    I code in C and would possibly like to contribute as long as its a Linux/BSD based project.

    I don't code for Windows . Not that i'm against it, I just think its a bit different than doing so in Linux, and I couldn't be any more apathetic about wanting to learn how to code in a Windows environment.
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    I am definately all for Linux based, I would find it better, to do whatever we do, for both Windows and Linux. I really don't care though.

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    Hi There,
    This is getting an overwhelming response, i am happy that people are interested and like to help.

    SwordFish : ok as far as the compilers go i also came across the same info what u listed but i want to know more in technical, currently i am trying to dig as to how we will make a parser which will convert our code into assembly and than after that machine language which is the exact exe.

    mmmm trying trying.. but will surely find this.

    what i suggest is :
    1) First we will make a 1 pass parser which will convert the code into assembly.
    2) will link that assembly code using a normal assembly linker.
    3) than will try to run that linked .exe and will check it it correctly runs.
    4) if this happens than we can conclude that our assembly generation is fine and perfect.
    5) Than we can think of generating the linker which will actually convert the assembly into machine code.

    Currently i am reading the procedures as to how we can go about it.. but its all theory ....

    in search of some technical docs. which can give a piece of code.. on compilers... will soon get hands on it.

    Also, its a very good idea of maintaining the docs. and whatever analysis we do so that anybody can read them and understand. but that is the later part first of all lets us finalize the analysis report.

    Good Luck to all of us.

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