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    when i start my computer a message comes on screen


    f1 to enter setup
    f2 to load default setting

    when i go into setup every setting of bios is changed and i have to change the setting of the bios every time i restart my computer or start my computer after shutting down

    plz help me....

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    Enter the CMOS setup and set the values to Optimum i don;t know whinh CMOS you have Mine has a option load Optimum Values Save setting and exit

    I would First try taking out the CMOS battery (clearing the CMOS) for a few minutes then put it back.........or replacing it with a new one

    Other method of doing it is using Jumpers ............Most motherboards have a jumper, which can be used to short the CMOS memory......... and this may fix the problem. Be sure the computer is off and unplugged, move the jumper to the discharge position, wait 10 minutes, move it to the normal position........you could try it too

    Dosen't work then replace the battery with a new one

    --Good Luck--


    Aren't you a bit late MsM...........yes i too think the battery has worn off and posted the same solution.......... then i realised a friend of mine had the same problem and just removing the battery for sometime solved it well it was a new computer and CMOS battery generally last long ................so first just try clearing the CMOS by either the Jumper or removing the Battery ..............if it dosen't work then buy a new one ..

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    Sounds like you need a new battery. That's a common problem when CMOS/BIOS is unable to save data/changes. Open the box, find the battery, record the info on the battery for the type, visit your local shop, spend the $5-10 and replace it. Easy as pie.
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