Insert an Item in the menu that opens as you right click on a webpage in Internet Explorer.

1. Start the registry do so , go to Start -> Run and type 'regedit'.

2. Navigate to key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\

3. Create a new key and name it the way it should appear in the context menu, say 'Google Search' if you want a shortcut key,put '&' before the name, eg, '&Google Search'.

4. In the right pane, for the (Default) string,enter the website url, file name or program name that should run when the user clicks this new item.

5. Create a new DWORD value called 'Contexts' and put in one of the following values depending on where you intend the new item to appear:

All menus : F3

Only in image menus : 2

Selected text : 10

Table Content : 1

For Example :

To send tabular content of a webpage to an excel worksheet, set the (Default) value to:

'res://c:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE\\EXCEL.EXE/3000' and set the Contexts value to 8.

Note : The Path to your Excel executable( If Installed) may be different.

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