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Thread: My Pcs Sleep !!!

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    My Pcs Sleep !!!

    Yes thats right ! my IBM R51 laptops sleep.. well thats a good feature but not for me... for one reason or the other i dont want them to go to sleep.

    So wat i did, was login to the machine as Local Administrator (domain runs on win 2003 Ent. Svr)

    and changed the setting.

    but when the end user loggs on using his user name which doesnt have the ability to go in to control panel. the option of going back to sleep is reenabled.

    so in short what i understand is that this is a profile related issue.

    there for i was wondering if any one knows the file that i should create/copy to c:/documment and settings/ all users/ folder of the local pc

    Please Advice
    Thanx in Advance

    Cleints are running win xp with sp 2
    Please ... if i can do this through group policy (which i tried but of no use) would be amazing

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    I am not sure of what you have done.

    Did you go into <control panel>, <power options> and select the "allways on" scheme?

    Have you gone into the BIOS and disabled power saving?


    EDIT: They cannot be asleep, all your students are too busy playing CS in class for that to happen

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    what nihil said check the power options that is probaly the problem i will look for a diffrent answer to your problem if that is not the answer.

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    I might be mistaken, but I guess, there is also an security option, where you can define, if a user can change such power-settings. Maybe you could check this and make sure, he has the right to do such things. Otherwiese, I would do, as the other recommended.
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    ramzi1, if i got the problem correctly, you have a very restritive security policy (congrats!) that disallow regular users to access control panel.

    To avoid torture you with GPO structures, try that:

    with the user' PRESENCE (dont do this without the presence of the user)

    - change him/her atribute to "admin"
    - ask him/her quickly to enter and change power options
    - ask him/her to logout
    - change him/her again to a regular user IMMEDIATLY!

    Not a very good solution but it will work faster than explain GPO ....
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