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    CA PestPatrol

    Hey Hey,

    I'm just looking for opinions and insite here... Has anyone used CA's PestPatrol software before and what are your opinions on it? We've been asked what we think of it at work and how effective it is, so I figured I'd broaden my research and look for others with experience on here...

    Those of you that are unaware of the product and whish to give it a go... Check out If you do scan with it, could you scan with another product afterwards (SpyBot or AdAware) and let me know if it found any additional products and just how effective PestPatrol was....

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    Not impressed, picked up my bluetooth software as an unknown trojan.
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    Tested on a bud's box

    Returned Limewire as adware, and a registry key from Limewire as KaZaa, which hasn't been used.

    Considering Limewire is open-source, I don't think it's adware, or it would be discovered pretty quickly.

    Really fast, however. And picked up a lot of cookies that Ad-Aware and Spybot didn't.

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    OK, this is based on experience about 12 months old:

    1. Finds stuff, but nothing that a combination of SpyBot and AdAware did not. As a comprehensive solution in a commercial environment it merits consideration for that. "One stop shop"?

    2. Cookies don't bother me, I deal with them by other methods.

    3. Take a look at SwatIT..............although, as Soda rightly points out, Pest Patrol is fast. It was bought a little while ago by CA (since I last used it). I would expect it to improve in quality over time.

    just my £0.02
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    Based on my past experience using it on my old WinME pc, it do detect some malware not detected by any other programs. However, it gives false positive most of the time. It also often freeze my old system.

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    Originally posted here by jinxy
    Not impressed, picked up my bluetooth software as an unknown trojan.

    HAHAHAAAAAAAAA. OK, that's one of the funniest things I've read in a while...... I was glad to see it, too. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world that absolutely HATES CA's software (even if it is acquired). Their whole integrated app approach turns into the biggest lump of convoluted horse crap when it's actually rolled out in a large scale environment, IMHO. Urgh, even the way they talk about it in their press releases makes me cringe:

    CA will market the PestPatrol technology as eTrust PestPatrol and will incorporate it into its eTrust Threat Management software portfolio....

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    Originally posted here by JP
    Their whole integrated app approach turns into the biggest lump of convoluted horse crap when it's actually rolled out in a large scale environment
    ahn JP, they have very good softwares too, such as.. err.... and. ...hummm.... never mind
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    I use pestpatrol corp. I have 150 users. This software is the best in the biz IMO. It does pick up some software we run as a trojen but its easy to exclude it from picking it up. My office no longer has any problems with spyware.

    *kicks back and watches the scan

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