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    All hail Clam!
    C:/Documents and Settings/******/Desktop/ydjfnj/ydjfnj.exe: Exploit.DCOM.Gen FOUND

    I wasn't able to tell if in the thread if your AV picked it up or if you removed it yourself. Looks like you were exploited....?

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    For me, Symantec came up and listed it as W32.Spybot.Worm. Maybe it's a new version???

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    I was violated....and yep, I took care of it....AVG missed it, still haven't run swatit. I've got it in a safe place where it can't do its thing. I'm betting that the kids probably brought home a "stray dog" while they were playing with their P2P toys this evening.

    [edit] swatit missed it too[/edit]
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    AVG missed it huh... Spybot's not new (variant? if not, then that reflects poorly on AVG's sigs)
    You may want to work in safe mode w/ networking w/ some online scanners. Panda, Bitdefender, Trendmicro have them. P2P malware is dirty.

    I would expect it got there from p2p, but it's got that dcom exploit, so you may want to check updates and the firewall.


    I don't like swatit... I let the scanner run when I was testing it, and my password screen came up. Swatit went bonkers, threw errors all over and was hard to stop the scan. Plus the gui is ugly...

    Like GUI even matters

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    Ive seen this one but under a diff filename i would be willing to bet. My mother in law will NOT listen when i try to talk to her about computer security but im the first one she calls when she gets infected........ go figure. It can be a pain in teh ass. Ive even had virii infect the ssytem restore points set by windows Xp. Those are a real pain in the backside. Oh yea and for anybody out there with HP's with onboard restore media dont trust it if you get compromised. It can be infected as well.

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    I am using McAfee virsuscan and it picks this up as a virus called "W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.g" did you do a virus scan on your system and if so did it pick it up and what kind of scanner did you use.

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