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Thread: Sharp Zaurus being pulled from US market.

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    Sharp Zaurus being pulled from US market.

    See the Slashdot article here:


    One of the reasons they mentioned is low sales, but what do they expect when they charge up to twice the price for almost the same hardware as you can get in a Pocket PC. I love my Zaurus 5500, it's the most portable pen-testing tool around. Are there any Pocket PC devices out that have good 3rd party Linux support? I know on that Axim it's not worth running last I checked. Guess I can still get Japanese imports off of Ebay.

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    Thats a shame. The sharp zaurus has always been a consideration when purchasing new PDAs.
    It normally comes down to price and features. For the features... you can get the same thing from Palm or Pocket PC for a lot less. For something that runs linux... its quite an expensive little device.

    I've been wanting to put a linux distro on one of my PDAs, but I can never find what I'm looking for. I have a Toshiba e755 that people started developing linux for... but they have't gotten too far. I won't kill my Palm TT3 because I use it everyday. The PPC I can do without and would much rather fux0r that than my Palm.

    Let me know what you come up with. I've been wanting to work on PDA projects for some time, but I can never find one that has everything that I'd want at a reasonable price. (Like your pen test PDA)
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