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Thread: Saving Threads for Future Reference

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    Saving Threads for Future Reference

    This is just a bit of streamlining idea:

    Would it be possible to set up a feature where we can "mark" certain threads for future reference? I imagine that would help those of us who use this site primarily as a reference source in our professions or education.

    The idea is similar to site subscriptions. However, I know that for one, I have one or two threads that I refer to quite often even though no one has posted anything new in a long time. Being subscribed doesn't help, as that thread is now buried in the bottom of my subscriptions since it has no activity, so basically I have to either (1) dig through my tons of subscribed threads or (2) run a search every single time I need to refer to the thread's content again.

    However, if I could flag the thread as being of special interest to me, I could head back there much faster every time I need to refer back to it. This would help considerably with threads used as reference material for the site. I think such a feature would help streamline the site more as opposed to just adding more fat to it as we've feared some other suggestions have threatened to do.

    Then again, maybe it's just a dumb idea on my part.

    *edit* Another idea -- Maybe this would be simpler: Sticky subscriptions? We could make some subscriptions sticky so that they stay at the top of the list whether they remain active or not?

    But just thought I'd throw that out there. Does anyone else run into that issue?

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    Maybe you could use the My Bookmarks feature for that? It comes with a search function, you can choose to either make them public or not,...

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    I suggest having a "Bookmark this thread" link on each thread.

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    Ah, great idea. I hadn't thought about that, as I was thinking that was just for listing outside-of-AO websites.

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