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Thread: Google XSS, phishing

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    Google XSS, phishing

    From bugtraq:

    Description: Google's custom websearch does not prevent javascript from
    being inserted into the url of the image, allowing malicious users to modify
    the content of the google page allowing in phishing attacks, or silently
    steal search terms/results/clicks or modify actual searches to always
    contain controlled results. With Googles trusted status, the risk is almost
    certainly high.
    In IE:

    The exploit has been public for over 2 years, and google have been informed
    on multiple occasions.
    This may not be very harmful except for phishing attacks, but why wouldn't google fix it regardless? Last thing Google needs is a reputation of late bug fixes, considering the expansion of services it is currently going through.

    Hmmmm..... Gmail cookies and XSS? Any possible problems with saved passwords? Gmail doesn't have a /custom interface does it?

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    And anybody tried gmailnotifier? just the kind of power google got into ur desktops..

    may be google want some bugs to remain, and they can do anything they like saying its a bug

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    Soda, doesn't seem to work on my (win98 IE6) test box..

    I'm not paranoid.. but is this a google flaw or a IE flaw ??
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    Looks like they fixed it, because I can't get it to work anymore, on anything.

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    You're the man SodaP. Your post caused them to fix it .

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